The Lost Crown of Apollo is book news on both sides of the pond

The Lost Crown of Apollo was released this week and I’m proud to say it has quickly garnered some attention, thanks to you, my friends. has put the book on the Home page of their cool e-newsletter appealing to the Greek community living in London. Which is extra special, because my beautiful Greek niece, Georgina Yiazlas, is currently living in London doing a medical school internship!

The Amazon rankings change hourly and minute-by-minute, but allow me to be excited for a few hours yesterday when The Lost Crown of Apollo jumped into the top ten, sitting pretty at number 8 of the category “HOT NEW RELEASES for the CHILDREN’S CHRISTIAN CATEGORY.”

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To be honest, The Lost Crown of Apollo straddles several categories. It is definitely touched by faith and encourages people to get in touch with a spiritual source of strength. When all else–fame, luck, wealth, popularity, family, friends–seems to fail, the main character, Elias Tantalos, remembers that prayer might help–if he can only remember how to do it.

The novel is packed with adventure of past and present–boat chases, cave exploration, snorkeling among others, but it also highlights an ancient raid with swordfights and a search for gold and glory.

I hope you all enjoy the novel as much as I did writing it!

Book cover is revealed!

Scroll down for the Book Trailer video, photos of Mykonos and Delos islands, and click here for a link to Sunpenny Publishing website, shop and blog LCA_BookShot-200

Coming Summer 2015!


Greece is weighing heavily on my mind this week, as my debut novel set in the magical islands is being released in a week of economic crisis and turmoil. If it isn’t a good time to travel there physically, you can still visit the Greek islands of the past and present through the pages of The Lost Crown of Apollo. You’ll meet creatures of land and sea–and if you think pirates are a thing of the past, you might want to keep an eye on your valuables. Check out the amazing cover art, being revealed this week at

Meet Elias Tantalos, a bad luck magnet on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. When Elias visits his father’s homeland, he escapes the worst school year of his life and discovers a two-thousand year old treasure destined to make him a lucky winner. That is, until Elias meets up with a sneaky old archaeologist and some sketchy SCUBA-divers. When his sister is kidnapped, he knows the one bait that would work to save her . . . but if he gives up the sun god’s golden, lucky Crown of Victory, will sixth grade be worse than fifth? Can he find the inner strength to do the right thing?

The Lost Crown of Apollo is the debut Middle Grade novel by Suzanne Young Cordatos, whose Greek-raised husband introduced her to this extraordinary country.

To be published MID-JULY ,

 2015 by Sunpenny Publishing of the UK and Spain.

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The Lost Crown of Apollo Book Trailer

Can bad luck magnet Elias Tantalos hold onto an ancient good luck charm he discovers among ruins on a Greek island? Or will his little sister spoil everything when she gets kidnapped by modern pirates? Elias finds himself stranded on the Delos island without a prayer–nobody around but lizards, headless statues and an old archaeologist who watches his every move. He needs Apollo’s Crown of Victory for its good luck charm qualities–but will his bad luck magnetism cause it to be lost for a couple thousand more years? Coming mid-July, 2015 from Sunberry Books, an imprint of Sunpenny Publishing, located in the UK and Spain. By Suzanne Cordatos